Australia Day mini break

It seems that we discovered a tradition of spending Australia Day at Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot a little by accident as heaps of people, locals and those from Adelaide, go down there each year.

I had looked at a couple of options for a mini break and booked a cute 4 bedroom house called the Tin Shed through Dodd and Page. About an hour from my home in Adelaide we arrived at Horseshoe Bay on Wednesday around lunch time all decked out in our Australia Day gear.

Finding a spot on the busy beach with smells of BBQ’s and scenes of back yard cricket up on the grass we braved the huge waves for a swim and wave jumping (is that what it’s called?). Picking up the keys to the house mid afternoon we explored the Strand and then cooked our own family BBQ tea. A walk to the end of the street, along the granite rocks and rugged beaches with the sun setting topped off a great day.

Up on Thursday and a 15 minute drive into Goolwa saw us walk down the main street popping into various shops such as The Farm Shop where you can buy local food and produce. Around to the Goolwa Wharf we had a coffee at Hectors with a great view across the River Murray and the bridge over to Hindmarsh Island, and we called into the Steam Exchange Brewery to pick up a couple of boutique beers. After a few hours on beautiful Goolwa Beach, where the warning signs says reassuringly watch out for snakes (didn’t see any mind you), it was on to Horseshoe Bay for body boarding.

I had grabbed the body board from the car and was keen to have a go to see if I could catch a wave or two. The waves were massive and after successfully having a go (thanks for the clapping Mum and Dad) and making it into shore quick and smoothly I got ready for a HUGE wave. Riding the top of it I thought yes this is good but when it crashed for another time on the way in I was dropped from the crest of the wave right down into sand with water deep over my head and being scrapped along the sand. My daughter and her friends thought yay Mum’s caught a wave until they saw my legs flip up as I was dumped. I panicked but managed to get up to the surface with the board out from under me, my hat gone, spluttering, coughing (not quite choking) and red sea water eyes I got up. Luckily someone (who was a bit smiley, guess it was funny to watch) passed me the board and another gave me my hat – I sat out for a little while after that.

Friday we spent the morning in Victor Harbor, walking down Ocean Street to the fair ground and a quick drive around to the Bluff. Back to Horseshoe Bay where the girls had a great time jumping over or diving into the waves and dinner at the lovely Hotel Elliot.

Saturday morning and time to come home but not before stopping off at the Victor Harbor Farmers Market for Fleurieu Milk, carrots with their tops on and Chomp biscuits. A great little mini break made all the much more easier by us taking our mini break kit with all the essential items that you need – great idea Jessica!

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