Dad’s Military Vehicle Adventure

Dad and I considered a number of potential adventure activities outlined in the About Time: South Australia’s History Festival program choosing to visit the National Military Vehicle Museum.

IMG_5570Located at Edinburgh, I didn’t expect to see such a significant collection of so many vehicles and displays depicting life in war time.

From tanks to people carriers, mobile kitchens, trucks and cars you can see that the volunteers care about sharing these vehicles and they have a sense of humour too (see the lizard on the plate and fish in the oven).






Uniforms and war settings including a hospital room together with items such as rations, first aid bandages and bullets sit behind glass walls and in cabinets.



Numerous collections from a family or service person give hints into what it may have been like with letters, certificates and photos.

I particularly liked the cream Studebaker and Dad thought the ‘models’ looked familiar.



Poking our heads into the workshop there are numerous vehicles and a bus at stages of restoration.  Around the grounds there are all sorts of vehicles, some restored, others partially and a couple for sale.



To top off our afternoon I took Dad for a guinness at the British Hotel in North Adelaide that was established in 1838.


In front of the open fire we had an interesting chat about what life was like when at 19 he immigrated to Australia following my Mum.  Tales of pubs, parties and events seemed apt in such a setting and the month where the focus has been on history.


Click here to see all the photos.


Written by Wendy Perry, May 2014.


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