#techscaleupID visits Queensland and Myriad Festival

The Queensland Government is investing resources into programs, events, and opportunities to help more people start businesses – not just for Australians but also for encouraging people to move to the island continent.

#techscaleupid adds to the already-dynamic start-up community in Indonesia supported by Australia Awards.  Around 350 Short Term Awards will run each year, covering a variety of topics, strengthening links between Indonesians and Australians.  ‘Taking your business to the next level’ is a course for 25 Indonesian leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, over 14 days in three Australian cities.

The course not only develops skills in participants but opens doors to continue working in the startup landscape with Australian partners.  The brightest innovative minds lead the program, with special guests like Steve Baxter, a Shark Tank Australia judge and investor in River City Labs in Brisbane.

Back in Queensland, Hotdesq, for example, helps startups move to Queensland and access up to $100,000 in equity-free funding.  This program is available to early stage entrepreneurs and startups, Australian expatriates, and established businesses expanding in Asia-Pacific.  Hotdesq is an Advance Queensland initiative offering a wide range of programs to create knowledge-based jobs of the future; working parallel to position Australia as an attractive investment destination.

There are other grants available through Advance Queensland, such as the Young Starter’s Fund, Ignite Ideas Fund, and Business Development Fund.

Ignite Ideas, for example, supports Queensland startups and SMEs to commercialise market-ready innovative ideas with two-tier monetary support, up to $25,000.  The idea is to help create jobs in the future, boost innovation across all regions, and help the state compete globally.

Myriad, Australia’s premier technology event has one goal in mind: connectivity.  Founders Murray Galbraith and Martin Talvari, bring in investors, ideas and technology from around the world to Queensland.  With a fearless vision to create a collision of startups, businesses and innovators in Australia and the Asia Pacific, Myraid unlocks the economic and cultural value across many countries.

By investing in relationships between international communities and industries, innovation and investment can grow.  It’s about connecting those unique ideas with the people who can bring them to fruition and building partnerships for scaling up.

‘Just because Australia is far away from the rest of the world, doesn’t mean it should be more difficult to start a company or create innovation, investment or impact,’ believes co-founders.

Take a collective look at all current programs and you’ll see opportunities, not only for internationals in Australia, but vice versa.  If you would like to know more about entrepreneurial events, delegation hosting and programs available to you, please contact Wendy Perry through wendy@workforceblueprint.com.au.


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