How to Make Yourself Instantly More Employable

Power in the job market has shifted – your success may depend on the industry sectors you’re searching in and whether your location has been impacted by extended shutdowns and/or if where you are based is irrelevant to work.

Some businesses are booming, others are on a slow burn to recovery – there is a huge variety across the continuum and many sectors or regions are experiencing skills and labour shortages.

Whether you have been out of work for a while or perhaps just recently, there are 7 quick things you can do to make yourself instantly more employable and attractive to employers or for volunteering opportunities.

Now depending on which state or territory of Australia, or indeed another country that you are in, then you’ll need to find the equivalent things and this year has also shown how you can uncover opportunities.

  1. The first point is to localise, nationalise and globalise your search. Working from home or a coworking space, has enabled people to work flexibly and this also means that many jobs can be advertised where the location doesn’t really matter.  Aside from the job boards and online platforms, as well as places like LinkedIn, perhaps broaden your thinking about the types of jobs you can do and work on your international networks so people know you are open to a job anywhere.
  2. Then comes the things that you can obtain that help edge you up the successful applicant list. Training as a COVID Marshal in South Australia (check your own location and requirements) is a simple process, taking around 30 minutes and this provides some comfort working or helping at events, gatherings, meetings and workshops within your organisation or externally.
  3. Similarly having your Responsible Service of Alcohol, means that you can volunteer or work at one off events and/or jobs where liquor is sold, offered for sale or served including hospitality venues. All security personnel working at licensed premises need RSA in South Australia and it is also relevant for breweries, business events, cellar doors, festivals, tourism and wineries.
  4. Speaking of food and beverages, undertaking food hygiene training through your local authority or council (for example the City of Onkaparinga) opens up other options related to food handling skills and knowledge.
  5. Provide First Aid always comes in handy and can be applied in so many settings. The list of training providers in Australia who deliver this unit of competency can be found here.
  6. Which leads nicely to all the checks that may or may not be relevant depending on your industry and job search. Checks for employment purposes vary based upon legislation and recommendations so you’ll need to search for information from your local authorities, for example Department of Human Services, Government of South Australia.
  7. And this final point is for people who are still at school, their parents and carers. A number one differentiator above all else is to have a job whilst you are still at school, whether that is after school or as a school based apprentice you’ll learn so many fundamental skills for any job and from a young age.

Alongside having a drivers licence, all of the above accreditations and training, shows that you are using your initiative, you are versatile, self-starting and open to volunteering as well as a variety of employment options.  Plus if self-employment is where you want to head, then everything already mentioned will be most likely needed as well.

This information should be captured in your LinkedIn profile.  Read more on smashing your LinkedIn profile here>

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