Apart from Good Riddance What Else “Can” You Make From 2020?

It is the afternoon of New Year’s Eve 2020 and there are people posting on social media messages of “Good Riddance”, alongside hope and best wishes for 2021.

This year has been full on, with many of us counting our blessings even though you may have been discouraged or things have been so hard.

Others have done very well this year, particularly in business and they may even feel guilty for doing so too.

Every year has lessons so apart from “Good Riddance” what else “can” you make from 2020?

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On numerous days, watching press conferences, hearing numbers going up and down, wondering how it might impact you, your “dear” family and friends, saw some people “drained”.

Politicians and leaders, family and friends “cried” alongside those who lost loved ones.

The importance of “care” essential workers and supermarkets, where some “raced” to get toilet paper, which was “aired” on TV.

Where talking about mental health and checking in on others became part of our everyday practice, conversations were “candid”.

You may longed to have “dined” with those you “cared” about and/or you might have found a hobby or fun activity to do where things were “dancier”?

Perhaps eating more treats, especially over Christmas, encrusted or coated with sugar, means it has become “candied”?

2020 was filled with ups and downs, “dread” and “rain”, where it sometimes felt like others were rolling the “dice”.  But you could have developed a new “idea”, way to “earn”, or got “near” to people and/or your goals.

Overall, I can say it has been a “good ride”, appreciating that there is some common ground but quite different experiences.

Let’s make 2021 “dandier”, “aided” by a “cadre” of supporters and those with a positive, optimistic approach.

Written by Wendy Perry, 31 December 2020 at 2.00 pm ACDT.

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