Ride a Bull – you go cowgirl!

A quiet Friday night in August 2013 saw Scott and I head to the Woodcroft Tavern, not a regular spot at all but there was a special attraction – Ride a Bull SA.  Scott (and the blokes that had been at the pub since 4.00 pm) encouraged me to have a go – check out the video from Mechanical Bull Ride – Heat 3 – scroll through and you can see me in a couple of videos.

It’s a lot harder than it looks and I had to get the guy from Ride a Bull to kneel down so I could step on his knee and get onto the horse.  For one of the rounds I made it to 67 seconds and was high fived by the supportive crowd.  Want to see Wendy Perry, The Wild Side?  View this video and make sure you watch it til the end!IMG_3396

After telling a couple of friends about our experience, how it took a few days to recover, we had a couple of keen first time bull riders ready to go.  Ride a Bull SA advertised that they were going to be at the Yankalilla Hotel on Sunday 6.10.13 from 3-5 pm.

A chance for me to practice my technique, for Scott and Kerryn this was their first go and John had (substantial) experience.  Alternating between playing pool and having a go on the bull we met some very interesting characters and enjoyed a great Sunday afternoon.

Scott, John and Kerryn were in the top 3 out of 5 bull riders in terms of their time overall – well done!  Next time we need to pick a place where there isn’t so many experienced, country bull and horse riders as the competition was fierce.

Here’s all the photos and keep an eye out for where Ride a Bull SA might be hosting a heat near you.

Written by Wendy Perry, 6 October 2013.

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