Managing your Airbnb guests expectations – it’s the little things that count

Having rented many houses and stayed in a couple of Airbnb places I know that it’s the little things that count.

For example, when travelling to Wellington in New Zealand our Airbnb hosts allowed us to come straight off an overnight plane, drop our bags around 8.00 am and have a quick shower before a day of meetings.

Another host in Brooklyn, New York was happy for us to check out late so we could catch up on work and then head straight to the airport.

There are a number of expectations to consider managing and suggestions if you are an Airbnb host.


First the fundamentals, your place must be clean and this includes corners, ledges, window sills, oven, kitchen and especially bathrooms.

Cheap and cheerful quilt covers and towels are fine but buy them matching and provide 2 towels per person so there is a second one free when guests wash their hair.  Have the towel set include a bathmat, flannels and hand towel with a soap dispenser for every sink in your place.  Please provide enough toilet paper for the stay, with shampoo, conditioner, cotton wool and buds are not essential but a nice extra touch.

Leave some toilet cleaner under the sink with air freshener too and let your guests know what to do with rubbish and recycling.

Provide better quality pillows and tea towels – bobbly sheets and pillow cases are not welcome anywhere, neither is a stained or old shower curtain.

This might just be a personal preference but an electronic kettle is easier to use than one on stove top and alongside a fridge, a microwave is really useful (again not expected).

There is one food/drink supply that I would choose above all else is water.  A bottle of water for each guest is very welcome upon arrival and even though I had a host provide mini bottles of champagne which was thoughtful, water is more practical especially if you have been flying.

If you are supplying fresh food like fruit and yoghurt, check with your guests if they need a top up rather than just giving them more, and tea, coffee, milk, sugar, sweetener are much appreciated.

A couple of tourist brochures, maps and timetables especially for public transport like the subway, trains and buses are helpful as well as tips on local pubs, restaurants and bars.

Be honest with your listing and with your guests, for example if you live above a subway, freeway or main road let them know up front and you could also provide ear plugs.

The other must have is WIFI and an easy way to display this is in a photo frame with the username and password.

Leave your guests to themselves unless they indicate they’d like to chat and also be straight with them if they are too chatty.

Perhaps think about using this blog post as a checklist against your Airbnb listing and ratings or comments.

See you in our travels!  Thank you for opening up your place.

Kind regards

Wendy Perry

April 2016

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